Tibetan Music Preservation

Traditional and Classical Music


LhasaTibetan Music Preservation (TMP) is an online initiative to preserve and promote endangered Tibetan traditional music. TMP projects include audio and video recordings of traditional and classical music, interviews of traditional artists. These online archives are free of charge for the public to access.

TMP was founded by Jhola Techung, a Tibetan folk and freedom singer/songwriter living in exile.  In addition to being looked up to as one of the key keepers of traditional Tibetan musical and dance traditions, Jhola Techung is also respected for the original solo and collaborative music he creates by drawing on both his own heritage and his familiarity with other world music traditions.

Tibetan music is going through a massive transformation due to modern influences. Music, like any form of culture need to and will change, according to time, but its roots  should not be forgotten. It is with this intention, TMP will professionally record, upload traditional and classical songs and gather other sources to preserve, share and bring alive a endangered musical traditions of Tibet.

You can contribute to TMP as a general project to preserve traditional music or you can contribute to specific projects.




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