Tibetan Music Preservation

Traditional and Classical Music

Plattsburgh Fundraiser

On March 23rd, Himalaya Restaurant in Plattsburgh hosted a fundraising luncheon for the Tibetan Music Preservation project. I am so grateful to everyone who showed up for the event.
The following photo report is my photographer friend Sonam Zoksang:
“For the last several years, because of the one and only Tibetan family living in this remote area, Tibet has become quite a well known name in Plattsburgh, in Upstate New York. Over the years, they have organized many events at the local college, SUNY Plattsburgh, and also at different venues to generate an awareness of Tibetan culture and the plight of the Tibetan people. This afternoon, they hosted Techung la in their restaurant to raise funds for his project to make two albums of Tibetan classical music and songs. It was truly a joyful event and many thanks to Tenzin Dorjee la and Shunu Yangchen la’s family for hosting this beautiful event and also to Jhola Techung la for his tireless effort to promote Tibetan musical culture”.
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